Semey State Medical University- Semey was founded as “Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute” by the order (Order No. 22611-P, dated 2 September 1952) of the USSR Board of ministers and the USSR Ministry of Health Services in 1952.  By the order (order No. 20-L, dated March 03-1997) of the Health Services Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it was transformed into “Semipaltinsk (Semey) Government (State) Medical University” in 1997.

The University during the period of its existence for more than 55 years has prepared more than forty thousand highly qualified doctors- specialists, who offer their services not only in Kazakhstan and CIS countries but in the foreign countries like USA, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan, Israel & many other countries and wherever they may not work, they introduce themselves as the graduates from the University with great pride.

The first group of students was admitted in General Medicine faculty in 1953. Thereafter, was opened the pediatrics in 1963, stomatology faculty in 1991, Medico-prophylactics, pharmaceutical faculty and General Medicine faculty in Pavlodor city was opened in 2003, which was afterward transformed into a full Medical institution as a branch of the Medical University. Taking in view the importance of the post-diploma education, the faulty of raising the qualification of doctor’s was opened in Pavlodor city in 1984 under the State Medical University- Semey, where annually an average of more than 1000 doctors go through  raise of their qualification from East Kazakhstan region as well as from the whole Republic.

A clinical study of the students is carried out in the clinics and hospitals of Semipalatinsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Pavlodor cities. Besides the University has its own clinical base including multi-profile 530-bed hospital, stomatological polyclinic and family doctor’s training dispensary.

Clinical study center- SSMA, the East-Kazakhstan regional center for rehabilitation of the population is one of the biggest multi-profile treatment and prophylactic scientific- a pedagogic organization of the East Kazakhstan region. The composition of the Center includes 530-bed hospital out of which 220 are pediatric; consultation polyclinic for 250 visits per shift. About 800 workers are working in 15 clinical sections and the clinic is equipped with the modern Medical diagnostic and treatment equipment’s. Satellite connection was established with the Medical University of Hiroshima (Japan) for the active collaboration of our workers with their colleagues in Japan.

High-quality Medical facilities are being provided to the local population on the basis of the clinical study center. Amongst docents and professors of the University, Medical teams are being set up, which go to the different regions of the oblast for providing the consultation and treatment facility.

Computerization has been introduced in various sections, services, and departments of the University. Computer classes have been equipped and organized with internet connections and advanced technology introduced for the studies and examination of the students in the University. Conduction of the “regional competition on biology” becomes one of the traditions of the University, where the students from different schools and colleges, who aim to be the doctors in future, participate.

More than twenty-five thousand of professionals graduated from the University since it was founded. At present, 4341 students are enrolled in different educational programs, of whom 300 are international students.


The University provides teaching in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Getting admission in MBBS in Smolensk State Medical University is a very simple task. The process of admission in SSMU is very easy and students are not required to clear any entrance examination. The students only need to meet the criteria for admission in SSMU.

Rules and Regulations

Minimum qualification required to get admission in MBBS in SSMU is mentioned below:

  1. The candidate must complete the age of 17 years on or before the 31st of December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course.
  2. He/she must have passed in 10+2 or equivalent examination in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying examination as mentioned in clause (2) of regulation 4.

Required Documentation

Below is the list of documents required to be submitted along with the application form:

  1. Mark sheet of 10+2 in original
  2. Passport size 10 colored photographs.
  3. A valid Indian passport.



Yersin T. Zhunussov was born in 1974. He is Board certified in “Public health/social hygiene and health management” and “traumatology and orthopedics”.  Ersin Tursynkhanovich graduated with honors from Semipalatinsk state medical academy in 1997. He also has a higher economic education (graduated from Kazakh humanitarian-juridical innovative university in 2013). He repeatedly completed training and probations (2010, 2012, 2011, and 2014) at Saint-Louis University (USA. Missouri) in the program “Health management general director selected as an honorable member”.

E.T. Zhunussov has introduced over 80 innovative technologies for the organization of the modern concepts in hospital management, education, diagnostics, and treatment. He has also organized mentorship and master-classes with the leading foreign scientists and health professionals.

In many clinics and hospitals, for the first time, he has introduced and organized modern concepts and technologies of treatment, specifically:

–  For the first time in CIS countries and Kazakhstan, E.T. Zhunussov has introduced modern concepts “Damage control” for tertiary health care for patients with serious injuries (including patients injured in traffic-road and work-related incidents);

– For the first time in Kazakhstan, he has introduced close minimally invasive technology for treatment of fracture of the pelvis, spine, long bones, juxta-articular and intra-articular fractures, as well as arthroscopy of the pelvis and ankle joints;

– For the first time in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, tertiary health care on large joint replacement for patients with hemophilia was organized;

– For the first time in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, he has orchestrated specialized department “Osteooncology”. This department has been orchestrated for treatment of malignant and benign tumors of supporting-motor system;

– Due to the international ties of E.T. Zhunussov with foreign colleagues, he is one of the first in Kazakhstan who organized training (probations) for the doctors and mid-level health professionals in large University clinics in USA, South Korea, Turkey, and PRC;

– He is the first in Kazakhstan who introduced the English language in daily practical work of the health professionals (morning staff meetings, discussions, etc.) and educational technology of residents and students;

– Constant exchange of experience and research insights allows him to make reports at the international level;

– In order to transfer experience and technologies, E.T. Zhunussov annually gives visiting master classes and carries out demonstrative surgeries in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

He is an author of 22 provisional patents of invention, 1 innovative patent of RK, 8 guidelines, and 162 scientific articles. His leading articles are published in Japan, USA, Poland, China, Russia, and Ukraine.

1 doctoral and 2 candidate theses have been prepared for defense under auspices of E.T. Zhunussov. He is a contractor of 2 scientific and technical programs within the grant of MES and MH RK.

For the long and dedicated work, E.T. Zhunussov was awarded thank-you letter from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, thank-you letter from “Nur Otan” party, lapel badge “For the contribution to the development of Healthcare of Kazakhstan”,  lapel badge “Excellent Worker of Public Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Certificate of Merit “The Best Medical Researcher” by the National Medical Holding, “Patriot of the year” for the cycle of work “Innovative diagnostics and treatment technology in orthopedics and traumatology” (2013).


  • Department of modern history of Kazakhstan and general subjects.
  • Department of the Kazakh and Latin languages.
  • Department of molecular biology and microbiology.
  • Department of pharmacology and demonstrative medicine.
  • Department of public healthcare.
  • Department of a food and hygienic disciplines.
  • Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases.
  • Department of medicine of accidents and obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Department of stomatologic disciplines.
  • Department of Russian and foreign languages.
  • Department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines.
  • Anatomy and histology department.
  • Department of pathological anatomy and forensic medicine.
  • Department of physiological disciplines.
  • Department of internal medicine.
  • Department of the general medical practice.
  • Department of children’s diseases.
  • Department of children’s infectious diseases and phthisiology.
  • Surgery and traumatology department.
  • Department of the general surgery.
  • Department of Neurology, psychiatry and infectious diseases.
  • Department of Oncology and Visual Diagnosis.
  • Department of Immunology and dermatological venereology.
  • Department of military preparation.
  • Department of internship in internal medicine.
  • Department internship in general practice and further education.
  • Internship Department of pediatrics and pediatric surgery.
  • Internship department of surgery.
  • Internship department of obstetrics and gynecology.


  • Lecture halls are equipped with the electronic teaching systems.
  • Specialized study rooms to conduct lessons based on innovative educational technologies.
  • Methodical study complexes in the English language in the concerned departments and a sufficient quantity of literature in the English language.
  • A separate hostel in the center of the campus with a canteen, primary Medical care center, and currency exchange facilities are being provided to the foreign students for their stay.
  • At present, the institution has its equipped halls, fencing hall, table tennis and others. Students of the University play in the basketball, volleyball, fencing, table tennis, and ski sports sections.
  • Every year the best student, best study group, and best hostel competitions are held in the University.
  • University owns three comfortable hostels for non-resident students, student’s canteens, physical training, and health’s improving complex, summer sports-health improving camp “Medic” are functioning.
  • The library is elucidated with the Internet connections and CLIS (computer-aided library-informational system).
  • University has its edit-publishing center and small-scale printing plant, where the composition of scientific works by the workers, monographs, materials from the student’s conferences are printed.


  • Our Degrees recognized by WHO, Directory of Avicenna (more than 60 countries in Europe & Asia), Asian Network of Quality & equalized by councils like MCI, PMDC, etc.
  • More than 25000 students and aspirants successfully graduated and work in leasing medical establishments and institutions all over the world, including in countries like USA, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
  • Have scientific agreements and MoU’s for collaboration and cooperation, joint research, Academicians student and scholar exchange with leading institutions & medical establishments all over the world.
  • First Central Asian Government Medical University to carrying out studies fully in ENGLISH MEDIUM for foreign and local students. Studies were carried out in three different languages (English, Russian, Kazakh) at student’s choice.
  • First CIS University to get recognition and Associate Membership of “Association of Indian Universities- New Delhi”. Our one professor deputed for permanent representation in AIU-Delhi.
  • Educational Training Centre (EMC) with models & interactive Computer mannequins for practice.
  • Innovative teaching methods “Problem-based Learning” & “Case-Based Learning” and other possible techniques of Modern Learning.
  • Joint Scientific Laboratory for Research & Training Activities. 400 Computers connected to Internet & with access to the Cochrane Library.
  • 3 Hostels to accommodate students and scholars with one hostel exclusively for international Students. Library, Sports, art, Medical aid, Canteens, etc & other facilities available to the students.
  • International Students from the countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, China, studying in our university since 1997. The selection, admission and other related process being taken care of jointly with the services of “Tecas” – our official consulting partner & the ‘Foreign Relations Department’ under the direct supervision of the higher management of the university. Our pass out International students successfully working in various hospitals and Institutions in their countries.