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Earlier there used to be FMGE test after completed MBBS from Abroad , however recently after the NMC bill have passed there are huge changes.

1: Either the student do MBBS from Abroad or from India both will have to write the exam i.e NEXT exam.

2: There would be no NEET PG or FMGE , NEXT will replace both NEET PG and FMGE. The motive of this video is to give you all insights of NEXT exam that will be held in 2023 for the first time.

 NEXT : In this category let me help you with all the important information about NEXT exam.

  • NEXT Exam will be conducted by National Body.
  •  NEXT exam will be conducted in two part NEXT1 and NEXT2.
  • Student will need to qualify both the exams in order to get license.
  • NEXT 1 will be held once in the year , in March.
  • NEXT 1 will be a MCQ exam and will be held for 3 days.
  • Each day will be divided into two part , pre lunch , lunch break and Post lunch.
  • Pre lunch exam will be of 3 hours and post lunch will be of 1.5 hour.
  • NEXT 1 will focus more on Conceptual learning than on memory based learning.
  • Student can join internship only after clearing NEXT 1 , Even if you do MBBS from India or MBBS from Abroad , you can join internship only after qualifying NEXT 1.
  • The score of NEXT 1 will remain valid for 2-3 years , However as of now there is no clarity given on this part like if it would be valid for 2 years or 3 years.
  • NEXT 2 will only be pass or fail exam and there would be no marks given for NEXT 2.
  •  Once you clear both NEXT1 and NEXT 2 you would get the license.
  • NEXT 2 will be the practical only exam.

NEXT 2023 effects on MBBS Abroad.

Students who are doing MBBS in Abroad or planning to do MBBS in Abroad , its a good news.

if you get MBBS seat in government university in India , well and good , however if you do not get MBBS seat in India its good to choose MBBS Abroad  instead of choosing private colleges in India. Because even if you do MBBS from India or Abroad , in the both the cases the students will have to write the NEXT Exam.

So instead of spending nearly 1 crore in India , its good if you take MBBS Admission Abroad because you can save lot of money as MBBS Abroad is as affordable

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