Being a doctor is a dream manifested by many but lived by just a few. The reasons are unlimited- from the interest, aptitude, preferences and limited seats and resources. In the present time, due to the exponential development in the technologies and comes that lifestyle demands has opened up a huge window of the skill requirement in the sectors. This has introduced a skill-gap, which seems to be rapidly increasing.

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This, thus, has resulted in emergence of the new-age career opportunities for the young doctors. The fleet of aspiring doctors for their MBBS in Abroad namely in countries like  kyrgyzstan , has opened new areas of opportunities. Here are the top 10 New-age career opportunities for the students and doctors who are interested to discover more about the non-conventional roles they can play:

Entrepreneur- Probably one of the most popular and successful fields in the field of health-care, entrepreneurship provided individuals to work with their full fledged potential for the betterment of the society. Emerging fields like that of Medical Tourism are becoming incredibly successful and have managed to capture the attention of various policy-makers, researchers and the media of all over the world.

Investors for Healthcare- Every day a huge bit of investments are made through and into the healthcare industry. This provides a great incentive for its investors. With the use of their knowledge after MBBS in knowing the healthcare industry, they can provide their expert insights on where to invest next.

Sports Medicine- The number of medical students entering the sporting industry has grown with the reach of audiences interested in the sports. The sports industry provides a stable career after MBBS. Along with the opportunity to meet and greet with the world famous celebrities it also provides a competitive financial package.

Hospital Administration- Hospital administration requires medical and health services managers. Therefore, this sector always has a huge demand of well qualified professionals from the healthcare field. It is a rapidly growing sector of experts who are always in-check with the requirements of the society.

Pharmaceutical Industry- The pharmaceutical industry is a big part of the healthcare system and is potentially a great career choice for medical doctors. The real life experience and the lucrative financial merits has been enticing the young doctors to opt for it. This field features in abundant scope of career growth

Public Healthcare- The leading career in the present age is in the public healthcare industries. Generally, the medical universities abroad even feature separate faculties of Public Healthcare Management for the students. This field has a huge potential in developing not just a strong foundational base but also as a stable and noble career.

Health Informatics and Analytics- Health informatics and analytics is an emerging multidisciplinary field of information engineering and applied health-care. This field essentially works with management and use of patient healthcare information.

Medical Legal Advisors- It is quite a demanding field of experts as it deals with the legal angle of the medical cases. Therefore, it is probably one of the highest paid alternative career options. This field requires attending court trials, running workshops, holding lectures, and writing articles etc.

Medical Journalism & Writing- Every day data about new discoveries, trials, and tests are recorded using medical journals. It is one of the highly reputed fields. Generally used by many to publish their first thesis project. This field acts as a window of new opportunities as they can apply in hospitals, government, clinical labs, healthcare & pharmaceutical companies.

Insurance company- Health insurance specialists have the primary responsibility for utilising patients' electronic health records for medical procedural requirements and examine the claims of insurance. Health insurance specialists are also responsible for maintaining meticulous records of medical costs and other billing details.

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