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Many of the students choose to study MBBS Abroad because of the low fee structure that other countries offers. Also many of you must be planning to study MBBS from Abroad but did you check that if it is suitable for you or not?

 MBBS in Abroad have huge benefits over MBBS in India Private college. While you choose MBBS Abroad you choose global standards of education system , Easy application and admission process in top government medical universities which are MCI approved and WHO listed . Along with these you choose a better quality of life , better exposure , better personality and Double amount of career options.

So when MBBS Abroad has this lot to offer , it must be suitable for everyone, right? The answer is bit tricky

We at Inspire education make sure to provide the detailed information about everything related to MBBS in Abroad so that you should not face any issues later.

What are those points or situations that make it unsuitable for few students or who are those very few students who needs to rethink on their decision about MBBS Abroad

The first point related to MBBS Abroad which make it unsuitable for few of them is the hostels. Hostels are the place where you spend long hours while doing your MBBS Abroad course. There are few around 5 percent of universities whose hostels are a bit far from the university campus , in most of the universities the hostel building is very near or close to the university , however as I said for very few universities its a bit far , so you either will have to walk to your hostel or in some rare cases may have to travel to your hostel via some mode of transport.

 The second factor or reason that make it difficult for some students is food. In most of the countries you get food two times , however we as Indians have a habit of eating three times . Although you get some delicious Indian food in the mess but it would be two times. Not just this there is one more thing that I wanted to highlight here , Mostly all the universities have the facility of Indian mess available , however in some again these are very few universities in which Indian Mess is not available in such universities students take lunch buffet from Indian restaurant available by the university and cook their dinner themselves. The universities where Indian Mess is not available , they offer kitchen facility to their students. So if you don’t want to cook , choose a university which have Indian Mess available.

The Other important factor that need to be highlighted is the weather , most of the favorite countries for MBBS Abroad are the cold countries , while in India we are not used to those extreme cold temperature that drops down till -10 degrees ,so one need to be prepared on this and choose the country as per their convenience. Another factor regarding MBBS Abroad or any other course that you need to consider is the adjustment issues , for many its difficult to share their hostel room . Let me tell you very clearly that rooms are available on sharing basis no personal rooms are available .

So be ready to do some adjustments while you choose MBBS Abroad. Last but not the least , Home Sickness . Some students and parents may survive this , however for some it might get a bit difficult. do not go abroad if and So before you make your decision to study MBBS from Abroad , make sure you have this on your mind

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