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The almost 2 years of the global pandemic has managed to turn the lives of almost every person on this blue-planet upside-down. The 360° turn of events was certainly extremely turbulent and affected people of all ages in one form or another. Apart from the health concerns, there was also a significant rise in the lifestyle concerns as well.

Against their nature, the toddlers and children were confined in their household, global setbacks affecting the income and livelihood of parents, the future of teenagers hung over uncertainty, the young adults seemingly lost to the fear of unknown, the matured trying to adjust themselves with the new arrangements and the ages old trouble of the technology and so on. There is not a single section of the society left untouched with the changes that the current time has induced.

The ‘young adults’ mentioned above are currently trying to navigate their way to the future at the same time battling with the adversities presented by the present. Almost all the colleges and universities have closed their classrooms for their students and in some severe cases even cancelled the new admissions.

Even with such difficult times, medical universities of kyrgyzstan actively worked with their tooth and nail to serve all the students, the fresh batch as well as the ongoing batch with the best of their capabilities. Some of the best medical universities of Russia not only arranged the online learning resources but also took the appropriate measure that the learning of the students during this period is as effective as that in classroom

Despite the world being in lockdown, the quintessential need of excellence and fulfilling one’s dreams, the country witnessed a remarkable enthusiasm among the students for MBBS in kyrgyzstan in 2020.

Now in 2021, when almost all the parts of the world are entering into the post-pandemic era, the universities have managed to learn from the past and thus, are more prepared than ever before.

What are the measures taken by the top medical universities of kyrgyzstan post the pandemic ?

  • Use of the blended learning techniques
    The pandemic has opened the multitudes of various learning strategies for the students. From the already evident use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the classrooms and labs, using the resources at hand to creating the new resources. The blended learning technique has proven to be more effective and efficient.
  • Strategies to increase the reach of distance learning
    The period of uncertainty has also ensured the importance of distance learning and tested its limits to the max. Therefore, many top medical universities of kyrgyzstan have introduced many skill and professional development programs for the international students increasing the reach of learning and performance.
  • Objective and concrete assessments of learning
    The universities have also introduced and restructured assessment strategies for and of learning, making it more objective, concrete and growth centric for the students. This step has proven to exceptionally increase the performance of the students.
  • Emphasised focus on self-care
    These difficult times had significantly affected the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of students. So, to ensure the overall health of the students, the university has also brought forth several self-care programs for the students. These programs aim to inculcate effective strategies in the lifestyle of the students making them more sound at same time equipping them with the strength to overcome such difficulties in the future.
  • Stress and anxiety management
    Global studies have observed that university going students are suffering from severe and profound stress and anxiety due to the pandemic. Therefore, alongside the self care programs, the university also brings you stress and anxiety management programs helping the overwhelmed students with the sudden changes.

So what would be the advantages of studying MBBS in kyrgyzstan in a post-pandemic world for Indian students ?

  1. Despite the crisis, medical education and living expenditure is still affordable.
    At the time when everything from food to clothes are getting expensive. Medical study in kyrgyzstan is still a feasible option to a large strata of Indian families.
  2. Exposure to the real time and real life research practices.
    kyrgyzstan is actively involved in the medical research related practices to counter the medical setbacks. Due to this, it has been one of those countries which have successfully controlled the corona virus in a very short period of time.
  3. Global recognition of students and universities
    The students and the pass-outs of the best medical universities of kyrgyzstan have been recognised for their efforts all over the world, adding another feather to the achievement of the universities.
  4. Access to the technical resources
    With MBBS in kyrgyzstan in a post-pandemic world, the students get their hands over some of the most advanced technical resources for learning and assessments used by the university which were proven to be more effective.

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It is not a hidden fact that India is in the urgent need of health reformation. It has been in there for quite a while, but due to the on-set of the corona virus induced pandemic the demand of the reformation has sped up exponentially. As a result, the barely stable health infrastructure of the country is collapsing every moment.

These days the heart-wrenching stories of families waiting for the hospital assistance, in front of the hospital and on the road for their dying loved ones has unfortunately become a common occurrence. The story is not different for even those who were fortunate enough to be admitted in the hospital premises as almost all the hospitals big or small, rural, urban or of metropolitan cities are having an underhand against the corona virus due to the shortage in technical and professional resources.

Thus, it is now very evident that it is about time that appropriate measures are taken to overcome the understaffing of these hospitals. For this role the elementary medical education (MBBS, B.Sc. Nursing, etc) are required to be emphasised. However, there are limited seats among the government medical colleges to provide the required education to all the qualified students. Every year approximately 14 Lakh students qualify NEET exam mandatory to pursue any form of medical education. For these qualified students there are just 75,000 seats available in the government medical colleges. Thus a huge chunk of students prefer to avoid the costly education in private universities and choose to study MBBS abroad, at much affordable cost for quality education and global exposure.

However, the recent Draft published by the National Medical council (NMC) has managed to raise various questions, concerns and worries among the students who are currently studying MBBS abroad or are planning to do so.

Let’s try to understand the proposal of the NMC Draft 2021 for FMGs, what it promises or how it is concerned for all the students looking for MBBS abroad.

What is NMC ?

The National Medical Council (NMC), previously known as Medical Council of India (MCI) is a regulatory body of 33 members with the purpose of regulating medical education and medical professionals in India. The NMC is responsible for establishing eligibility standards, granting recognition of medical qualifications, accreditation to medical schools, registration to medical practitioners, and monitoring medical practice and assesses the medical infrastructure in India.

What is NMC Draft 2021?

NMC has published a Draft on 27 April 2021 in regards for the Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs). The draft was published by the Undergraduate Medical Education Board, a sub-body of NMC, responsible for the primary level of medical education in the country. Since the document is a draft, the presented points are still open for discussion and improvements on the basis of student and expert analysis.

The draft proposes the eligibility criteria for the students who are opting for MBBS study abroad before and after their study to practice in India.

Key Features of NMC Draft 2021

1. Eligibility Criteria to study MBBS in Abroad

The NMC Draft 2021 suggests the students, who have done their schooling from India, and choosing to study medicine outside the country must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology as core subjects in the last two years of their schooling or during graduation after schooling. The students must have scored the minimum marks required for the application. Apart from this, the student should have qualified NTA NEET(UG) exam conducted every year,

2. Eligibility Criteria for practicing medicine in India

In order to practice MBBS in India, the student must have completed their MBBS abroad from a MCI(NMC) approved university and the student must have followed the prescribed curriculum by the NMC. After completing their study overseas, the student must have qualified Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), a screening test for medical licensing administered by NMC, conducted twice a year, until said otherwise.

3. National Exit Test (NExT)

The NMC will soon introduce the National Exit Test (NExT) replacing the existing FMGE. It will be the mandatory licensing exam for all the medical graduates of India as well as abroad. The NExT would be conducted in two phases as Step-1 and Step-2, the proposed plan is that the FMGs would be required to appear and qualify an additional paper at Step 1 of NExT.

The Experts’ Concerns

The educational leaders and medical field experts have started taking the current pandemic situation in the country as a lesson and have clearly presented their opinions in generating more doctors and medical staff in the country. As a result, these virtuosos are criticising the NMC Draft 2021 due to various reasons like:

  1. The recent decision by the Indian judiciary system has allowed the eligibility of the students who have studied Biology as an elective subject for appearing and applying for medical study abroad. The said suggestion of the draft, the the students must have studied Biology as a core subject to be eligible for medical study is in complete violation of the court’s order.
  2. It is not possible for all the countries of abroad to follow the complete NMC prescribed curriculum as the universities are also responsible for the medical requirements of their native countries. Thus, most of the MCI approved universities follow the basic curricular structures for theoretical as well as fundamental subjects but the covered disease spectrum varies as per the region.
  3. The decision to introduce a common licensing exam for all the medical graduates from as well as outside India, was welcomed as it aimed to set the criteria for quality overcoming the categorisation imposed on the FMGs and providing a uniform standard of eligibility. However, the additional paper for FMGs has raised questions once again.


At the present time has reflected us about our limitation regarding the healthcare in our country. It is important that we produce more qualified and well skilled professionals. Though establishing new universities, medical college and equipping them with the required resource is a tedious job, which might provide the desired outcome, but only after almost a decade. Now is not the time to wait for things to work out, instead, it is required to use the resources currently in hand of the country.

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NMC bill point-wise

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Earlier there used to be FMGE test after completed MBBS from Abroad , however recently after the NMC bill have passed there are huge changes.

1: Either the student do MBBS from Abroad or from India both will have to write the exam i.e NEXT exam.

2: There would be no NEET PG or FMGE , NEXT will replace both NEET PG and FMGE. The motive of this video is to give you all insights of NEXT exam that will be held in 2023 for the first time.

 NEXT : In this category let me help you with all the important information about NEXT exam.

  • NEXT Exam will be conducted by National Body.
  •  NEXT exam will be conducted in two part NEXT1 and NEXT2.
  • Student will need to qualify both the exams in order to get license.
  • NEXT 1 will be held once in the year , in March.
  • NEXT 1 will be a MCQ exam and will be held for 3 days.
  • Each day will be divided into two part , pre lunch , lunch break and Post lunch.
  • Pre lunch exam will be of 3 hours and post lunch will be of 1.5 hour.
  • NEXT 1 will focus more on Conceptual learning than on memory based learning.
  • Student can join internship only after clearing NEXT 1 , Even if you do MBBS from India or MBBS from Abroad , you can join internship only after qualifying NEXT 1.
  • The score of NEXT 1 will remain valid for 2-3 years , However as of now there is no clarity given on this part like if it would be valid for 2 years or 3 years.
  • NEXT 2 will only be pass or fail exam and there would be no marks given for NEXT 2.
  •  Once you clear both NEXT1 and NEXT 2 you would get the license.
  • NEXT 2 will be the practical only exam.

NEXT 2023 effects on MBBS Abroad.

Students who are doing MBBS in Abroad or planning to do MBBS in Abroad , its a good news.

if you get MBBS seat in government university in India , well and good , however if you do not get MBBS seat in India its good to choose MBBS Abroad  instead of choosing private colleges in India. Because even if you do MBBS from India or Abroad , in the both the cases the students will have to write the NEXT Exam.

So instead of spending nearly 1 crore in India , its good if you take MBBS Admission Abroad because you can save lot of money as MBBS Abroad is as affordable

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Many of the students choose to study MBBS Abroad because of the low fee structure that other countries offers. Also many of you must be planning to study MBBS from Abroad but did you check that if it is suitable for you or not?

 MBBS in Abroad have huge benefits over MBBS in India Private college. While you choose MBBS Abroad you choose global standards of education system , Easy application and admission process in top government medical universities which are MCI approved and WHO listed . Along with these you choose a better quality of life , better exposure , better personality and Double amount of career options.

So when MBBS Abroad has this lot to offer , it must be suitable for everyone, right? The answer is bit tricky

We at Inspire education make sure to provide the detailed information about everything related to MBBS in Abroad so that you should not face any issues later.

What are those points or situations that make it unsuitable for few students or who are those very few students who needs to rethink on their decision about MBBS Abroad

The first point related to MBBS Abroad which make it unsuitable for few of them is the hostels. Hostels are the place where you spend long hours while doing your MBBS Abroad course. There are few around 5 percent of universities whose hostels are a bit far from the university campus , in most of the universities the hostel building is very near or close to the university , however as I said for very few universities its a bit far , so you either will have to walk to your hostel or in some rare cases may have to travel to your hostel via some mode of transport.

 The second factor or reason that make it difficult for some students is food. In most of the countries you get food two times , however we as Indians have a habit of eating three times . Although you get some delicious Indian food in the mess but it would be two times. Not just this there is one more thing that I wanted to highlight here , Mostly all the universities have the facility of Indian mess available , however in some again these are very few universities in which Indian Mess is not available in such universities students take lunch buffet from Indian restaurant available by the university and cook their dinner themselves. The universities where Indian Mess is not available , they offer kitchen facility to their students. So if you don’t want to cook , choose a university which have Indian Mess available.

The Other important factor that need to be highlighted is the weather , most of the favorite countries for MBBS Abroad are the cold countries , while in India we are not used to those extreme cold temperature that drops down till -10 degrees ,so one need to be prepared on this and choose the country as per their convenience. Another factor regarding MBBS Abroad or any other course that you need to consider is the adjustment issues , for many its difficult to share their hostel room . Let me tell you very clearly that rooms are available on sharing basis no personal rooms are available .

So be ready to do some adjustments while you choose MBBS Abroad. Last but not the least , Home Sickness . Some students and parents may survive this , however for some it might get a bit difficult. do not go abroad if and So before you make your decision to study MBBS from Abroad , make sure you have this on your mind

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Educational Consultancies play a pivotal role in your entire journey abroad. Scroll through the article to know why it is smart to seek their help for education abroad.

  • Experience

Expertise is the Key

Experts in an educational consultancy have several years of experience in helping students study abroad. Being in the field and working on the same 24/7 is the sheer act of collecting an ample amount of relevant information on a particular subject or area. Study abroad consultants know better about everything; procedures, and every single minute.They guide you better on what you should know to get the desired results.


Students in the digital age say they’ll find all of the information on the internet. It’s true that the internet has a lot of information to support you in your abroad education, but the most important aspect is authenticity. The Internet may be capable of answering most of your questions but you can never be sure of its authenticity. There is no guarantee that every piece of information will be authentic and updated.

Half-knowledge can lead to complications

Students do a great amount of research before dreaming of their ideal education institute abroad but the point that needs to be pondered upon is how far are they to complete information.

As is rightly stated, “ Half knowledge is dangerous”. A small amount of knowledge can mislead you into thinking that you are more expert than you really are, which can lead to mistakes being made. Most of the students are stuck in the process of applying and face complications due to un updated or misleading information.

Avoid harsh consequences

There can be severe consequences if the procedure is mistakenly addressed. You can even end up losing your entire year if the process isn’t carried out wisely.

Seek Help

To avoid such situations students approach professional consultants that are experienced and have gained expert level of knowledge about foreign education.

Experienced consultancy to study abroad possess skills to provide students with one-to-one services. You can always count on reputed consultancies and keep your steps forward to start your journey on a successful note towards your dream.

  • Foreign Land (ample unknowns)


When students apply for admission in an university overseas through a consultancy, they get all the safety and security right from getting admissions to visa approval. Practically, parents can’t always run to you for every one of your needs but they surely can develop contacts from consultancy agencies so that they can help you when you need it the most.

Accommodation supervision

An overseas education consultant helps in providing accommodation to the students as they have tie ups with the universities. In some cases consultants also provide you the contact details of seniors which they have sent for the last intake so that you need not worry about your staying abroad.

Foreign Exchange (Forex)

Many consultancies help students with the forex so that they do not fret after reaching their destination.


The process of applying for higher education abroad has been made simpler with time more and more students are approaching international universities. However, one must be entirely aware of the process and requirements in order to proceed with the applicants independently. Migrating to another country on the basis of a student visa has many sets of regulations that have to be followed.


A good consultant helps the students not only in getting themselves prepared in performing formalities better during pre-completion of the course but also help them to know what kind of jobs they can do there and earn an attractive amount of money, simultaneously with their studies and after the completion of study.

  • Application Processing

Abundant Paperwork

Studying overseas requires a lot of paperwork and formalities which are not an easy task. To overcome these difficulties you need to hire consultants for abroad education.They will make the process trouble-free and accessible to you.

University Applications

Students don’t have to hassle. Consultants help the students to assemble each document beforehand. They will also take care of the financial aid process, considering every aspect of the student.

International institutions receive thousands of applications every year, it becomes quite difficult for them to filter out the most promising or the best students. By getting the services of a consultancy, you can get quick responses

Since consultancies have collaborations in foreign places, they help get prompt responses from the universities abroad. This makes the process faster, simpler, and smoother.

Visa Applications

Getting a visa is something wherein a student faces many challenges. The study visa process differs from one country to another.

A student visa can be applied on your own because it is an online process but it is always good to seek expert’s guidance. They guide you to go profoundly correct with the visa process increasing the possibilities of application acceptance.

The consultant will provide detailed information regarding the visa process and help you prepare for the Visa interview as well.The documentation part of it can only be done effortlessly with support from an experienced person and has all the knowledge regarding it. A good consultancy also conducts mock visa interviews so that you can prepare well for it. They know well all the tips and tricks to help you so that you can handle all the interview questions with ease.

Being experienced these Overseas Education Consultants are aware of all the nitty-gritty’s involved in applying for a Visa.The experts are always updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies and visa checklists.They make sure that the students submit all the necessary documents and ensure that all the paperwork is completed correctly.

  • Wrapping Up

Study abroad consultants are quite efficient and adroit in helping students choose the best-fit option. They understand the intricacies of the visa application process along with country-wise regulations. They have solutions to all sorts of problems related to study visas. Even though you can do it yourself, it is always best to have someone to help and guide you through the process.

By taking guidance from the right consultant or professional, you can profoundly correct the process and improve the chances of acceptance.

If the student is puzzled and has unsolved queries about studying abroad, he/she must approach the education agency to obtain maximum information. They’ll help you choose from a range of courses and universities and make the whole process easy and accessible for you.

It’s their job to put you at the right place, considering your earlier qualifications, professional experiences and your comforts and discomforts. Not only this, consultants also help them by telling them the fee structure and total estimated expense of staying in a country and guiding them for the admission procedure.

  • India; country of young population

India houses a swarm of students within its geographical boundaries. However, not many are able to realize their dreams owing to the high competition in the government institutions and usually exorbitant prices of private universities. India transfers a huge number of students to study abroad each year.

  • Aspirations to get education abroad

Getting a foreign education is an aspiration that many students have nowadays. Foreign Education or Overseas Education is a dream for every student who wants to study and discover new opportunities and ways to their bright career. Not only the students, their parents too are equally enthusiastic about sending their kids to study abroad.

  • Overall Development opportunities

Studying abroad is surely an elevating experience as it helps enrich your perspectives as well as personality. Students can improve their academic profile and can get great jobs by studying abroad.They also get to experience diversified cultures of the world and have a global network.

  • Trendy

The craze to go abroad for higher education is steadily and surely rising among students. However, studying abroad isn’t easy. It comes with numerous challenges and unexpected situations. Studying abroad is a process that needs great patience and wise decisions. Everything depends on how wisely and smartly you use your senses and who you approach for advice.

(Caution: The following affirmatives are applicable only when you invest in authorised and valuable) consultancies.

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Every year, lakhs of medical students from India have to face the prime concern of getting admission in a decent medical institution for pursuing MBBS or other higher studies in the related fields. However, among the few who can manage to clear the entrance tests, a limited percentage of the students reserve their seat in government medical universities of India while the majority are left behind to fend off for themselves.

A section of this group generally gives up upon their dream to become a doctor whereas the remaining continue searching for choices in private colleges. A large portion of the students can’t afford the large donation the private medical universities demand. In such conditions the foreign medical universities come to the rescue of Indian medical students.

The fee in government medical colleges is affordable, but the number of seats is limited, so very few make it to get a place in a government college. Certainly the students refusing to pay handsome money to the private medical universities of India look for an affordable option and at a time point kyrgyzstan echos as a leading name.

kyrgyzstan is among the most popular destinations for Indian students to pursue MBBS from abroad. The country not only offers low MBBS fees in comparison to private Indian medical colleges but also characteristically provides high-quality education.

However, the absurd notion is falsified as the country doesn’t offer cheap medical education. It is just that for a student it provides more affordable and feasible study when compared to studying MBBS from Indian private institutions which are exceptionally costly since the students are required to pay a high amount or donation.

The few reasons that comprises the favours of medical education in MBBS are:

  1. Availability of Seats
    Medical universities of kyrgyzstan have an ample number of medical seats available for the international students. The seats are also in complete congruence with maintaining the student: faculty and student: resource ratios so that the universities are never crowded.
  2. No Donation or Capitation Fee Required
    To get admission to any private medical university of India, students have to pay a considerable amount as donation or capitation fee, excluding the yearly tuition fee. This might not be just for the admission but also can possibly go along during the entire course. Apart from them, the students are required to pay the incoherent charges of basic amenities such as transportation or laboratory.
    This is not the situation in the top medical universities of kyrgyzstan. Medical universities of kyrgyzstan do not ask or accept any donation or capitation fee whatsoever.
  3. Lower Fee
    Students who want to pursue MBBS in kyrgyzstan can get quality education at a lower fee for courses as the medical education is highly subsidised by the federal government of the country. Some of the medical universities also offer several schemes and scholarship programs for the students, supporting them financially.
  4. Extremely Low Cost of Living
    One of the significant advantages of pursuing MBBS in kyrgyzstan is low living costs and extremely high living standards. Totally dependent upon the personal choices, the cost of living in nations like kyrgyzstan, could be as low as Rs. 7000 to Rs. 14,000 every month.
  5. Accommodation Facility
    The top medical universities of kyrgyzstan offer hostel facilities for the international students within the campus, well aided with the top-class facilities. With the meare hostel fee the country provides all the required facilities for the students.
  6. Food –
    The cost of food in kyrgyzstan is relatively affordable. Students can enjoy delicious native cuisines as well as the traditional Indian food in the canteens of the country by associating with Inspire education.

Top  Medical Universities for MBBS Study in kyrgyzstan:

  • Intenational School of Medicine
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Before choosing the medical university, there are some important factors to consider to study MBBS in kyrgyzstan or any other country abroad. The given tips will guide you better in choosing the best medical university to study MBBS in Abroad.

  • Knowing the rank of the university
  • The experience of the university in providing the desired course
  • The recognition and reputation of the university
  • The cost of education and accommodation
  • Coaching for the screening test (FMGE/ USMLE/ others)
  • Indian food availability in messes
  • Number of Indian students in the university


Our Students Most Valuable Words

Sidhartha Yadav


Inspire Education is authorised from various medical university of abroad .so if you are looking for abroad admission then you can contact Inspire Education.

pramod sariwan

student parent

My daughter planned to do her higher studies in foreign, but she didn't have any idea about studies. She heard about inspire education and approached for guidance. inspire education made my daughter's dream come true..My family is very much thankful to inspire education.

Neetu singh

Ksma student

It's best consultancy in guiding student and parents in a excellent manner.
It was good experience inspire education.
Genuine consultancy in Gurgaon.

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ISM Bishkek Campus

There are more than 200 universities which NMC has approved to study abroad MBBS at low cost. More than 10,000 Indian students take admission MBBS study in abroad for Indian student at low cost and get into their passion career.Important step is to choose the university to study MBBS abroad based on several factors.

About the University : Whenever you are choosing any university for MBBS Abroad and you have decided about which country to opt for , the next step is to start collecting information about the university. We need to check on the age and experience of the university as the first factor. Here we should be looking for the combination of both the things , the age and experience in teaching Indian Students. It may happen that the university could be very old but might not have any experience in teaching the Indian Students. So we should be looking at the combination of both. Also whenever you are choosing the university you must select top 3 universities for MBBS Abroad and later choose one out of three.

Hostel: The second factor to look for is the hostel , as student will be there for very long duration. Although in most of the universities the hostel is mandatory only for first year and students are free to move outside from second year onward. However if you get great hostel the life is easy , as they are close to university and all the facilities readily available. Also the hostels are far more managed and safe when compared to accommodation available outside. Do look for good hostel options along with the university and it should be near to the university campus.

Indian Food Availability : MBBS in abroad is a long duration course and food is a very important element of our life. Students must look for the availability of Indian food while choosing any university to study mbbs abroad. Here is a point that need to be noted , in some countries the Indian Mess provides two meals in a day and in some countries the mess provides three meals in a day. So one need must check on that as well. Many university hostels have availability of shared kitchen as well , where one can cook for themselves, so the food factor may vary from student to student.

MCI Passing Ratio: Whenever you choose to do mbbs from abroad , MCI passing ratio of the university plays a key role in selection of university. As at the end of degree one have to pass the NEXT exam in order to get license to work. So do look for good MCI passing ratio along with the other factors. This should not be the only factor to look for , this factor need to be combined with other factors while selecting university for MBBS abroad 2021.

Hospital Tie up for Clinical Rotations : As doctor is a profession where hand on practice, practical’s and clinical rotations matters a lot. While university will have good Hospital Tie ups then only they will be able to provide good practical knowledge. So good hospital tie ups for clinical rotations should be a factor to look for while selecting the university for MBBS Abroad.

Extra Curricular Activity : Many universities have different clubs and society for multiple extra curricular activities. It is always great to have extra curricular activities along with good quality of education.

Budget : This is one of the biggest factor while selecting any university for MBBS Abroad. One must always check for complete budget of the university including all the expenses.

  • Tuition fees for the entire MBBS course
  • Hostel accommodation for the entire course
  • Food and Living cost through the course
  • Miscellaneous costs


Our Students Most Valuable Words

Sidhartha Yadav


Inspire Education is authorised from various medical university of abroad .so if you are looking for abroad admission then you can contact Inspire Education.

pramod sariwan

student parent

My daughter planned to do her higher studies in foreign, but she didn't have any idea about studies. She heard about inspire education and approached for guidance. inspire education made my daughter's dream come true..My family is very much thankful to inspire education.

Neetu singh

Ksma student

It's best consultancy in guiding student and parents in a excellent manner.
It was good experience inspire education.
Genuine consultancy in Gurgaon.

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Being a doctor is a dream manifested by many but lived by just a few.

The reasons are unlimited- from the interest, aptitude, preferences, and limited seats and resources.

In the present time, due to the exponential development in the
technologies and comes that lifestyle demands have opened up a huge window of the skill required in the other sectors.
This has introduced a skill gap, which seems to be rapidly increasing.


This, thus, has resulted in the emergence of the new-age career opportunities for young doctors. The fleet of aspiring doctors for their MBBS in Abroad namely in countries like Kyrgyzstan has opened new areas of opportunities. Here are the top 10 New-age career opportunities for the students and doctors who are interested to discover more about the non-conventional roles they can play:

Entrepreneur- Probably one of the most popular and successful fields in the field of health-care, entrepreneurship provided individuals to work with their full fledged potential for the betterment of the society. Emerging fields like that of Medical Tourism are becoming incredibly successful and have managed to capture the attention of various policy-makers, researchers and the media of all over the world.

Investors for Healthcare– Every day a huge bit of investments are made through and into the healthcare industry. This provides a great incentive for its investors. With the use of their knowledge after MBBS in knowing the healthcare industry, they can provide their expert insights on where to invest next.

 Sports Medicine– The number of medical students entering the sporting industry has grown with the reach of audiences interested in the sports. The sports industry provides a stable career after MBBS. Along with the opportunity to meet and greet with the world famous celebrities it also provides a competitive financial package.

Hospital Administration– Hospital administration requires medical and health services managers. Therefore, this sector always has a huge demand of well qualified professionals from the healthcare field. It is a rapidly growing sector of experts who are always in-check with the requirements of the society.

 Pharmaceutical Industry– The pharmaceutical industry is a big part of the healthcare system and is potentially a great career choice for medical doctors. The real life experience and the lucrative financial merits has been enticing the young doctors to opt for it. This field features in abundant scope of career growth

Public Healthcare– The leading career in the present age is in the public healthcare industries. Generally, the medical universities abroad even feature separate faculties of Public Healthcare Management for the students. This field has a huge potential in developaing not just a strong foundational base but also as a stable and noble career.

Health Informatics and Analytics– Health informatics and analytics is an emerging multidisciplinary field of information engineering and applied health-care. This field essentially works with management and use of patient healthcare information.

Medical Legal Advisors– It is quite a demanding field of experts as it deals with the legal angle of the medical cases. Therefore, it is probably one of the highest paid alternative career options. This field requires attending court trials, running workshops, holding lectures, and writing articles etc.

Medical Journalism & Writing– Every day data about new discoveries, trials, and tests are recorded using medical journals. It is one of the highly reputed fields. Generally used by many to publish their first thesis project. This field acts as a window of new opportunities as they can apply in hospitals, government, clinical labs, healthcare & pharmaceutical companies.

Insurance company– Health insurance specialists have the primary responsibility for utilising patients’ electronic health records for medical procedural requirements and examine the claims of insurance. Health insurance specialists are also responsible for maintaining meticulous records of medical costs and other billing details.

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The National Medical Council (NMC), publishing the Draft 2021 in regards to all the Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) managed to stir-up the discussions on various platforms and has caused a lot of chaos and ruckus among the students who are studying abroad or are planning to do so.

The grandiloquent discussion about the key highlights of NMC new Draft 2021 has been a topic of discussion for quite a while. The main points of these discussions generally revolve upon 3 points.

After the vivid discussions about the shortcomings of the Draft 2021, let’s try to understand what the future upholds for the FMGs. But for the future it is important to understand a few past occurrences.

Unfortunately, NMC, formerly known as Medical Council of India (MCI), in most of the cases has made certain decisions which were not in favour of FMGs time and again. Though the perspective for these decision can be understood as to motivate the students to study MBBS in India, but the council advertently forgets the limited number of seats in the handful medical institution, the competition of lakhs for a few thousand seats, the expensive medical education in private universities and the lack of choice for specialisation are the core reasons for the Indians to study MBBS in abroad. But instead of improving the health training system in the country the council seems to spend extra hours thinking of ways to marginalise the FMGs.

The distraught FMGs have always knocked on the doors of judicial court rooms to demand justice. The honourable courts have always understood their concerns and made the decisions in favour of them. Here are the few instances where the High courts and Supreme Court favoured the plea by the FMGs and medical students aspiring to study abroad over the Council.

For example, the Supreme Court in 2004 had withheld the judgment of the High Court on the number of attempts in the MCI screening test.

1. Sanjeev Gupta & Ors Vs. Union of India & ANR [2004] Insc 690 (16 November 2004)

Supreme Court in its judgment dated 16th November 2004 in the case of Sanjeev Gupta &Ors. vs. Union of India &Anr. and the had directed that there are no restrictions in so far as number of attempts are concerned in MCI screening test. The decision further established that:

  1. “A system of pre-screening of the students desirous of taking admission in the medical institutions in these countries shall be worked out by MCI. This can be introduced from the forthcoming academic year.”
  2.  “The candidate is otherwise qualified (i.e.) he has obtained more than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the 10+2 examination but has put in less than 5 years in a recognised institution (whether on account of a compressed course or on account of putting in more than 6 months in an unrecognised institution).”

Another meeting on 30th June of the same year recorded the minutes as approved by the Honorable Supreme Court of India had set up the eligibility criteria, exam format, syallbus, etc for the screening test of foreign medical graduates. It was in this meeting which decided that the exam would be administered by the National Board of Examination (NBE) twice a year with no restrictions over the number of attempts.

2. The Supreme Court’s decision for admission at the ‘eleventh hour”

Taking serious note of delay in communication to medical students from foreign countries and the North East regarding admissions to government colleges, the Supreme Court (SC) had directed the Council to inform about the status by August 15 every year, giving them time to join.

The court took into the account as the last date for admission in the first year of MBBS courses is August 31, while the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has intimated students from Iran, Bhutan and Nepal about their admissions at the “eleventh hour”, on August 30, as a result, their admissions were denied by the university.

The SC verdict states that the students must be informed about their admission at the university 15 days prior to the last date of admission.

3. Exempting students one-time for MBBS abroad from the NEET Exam in 2020

In a petition filed by a student seeking exemption from NEET (UG) 2020 due to the clash between the date of the exam and the classes in foreign medical institutes in Delhi High Court. The petition was aimed at seeking an exemption from NEET (UG) Exam 2020 as the classes in foreign medical institutes are likely to commence from 15th September. The NEET examination which was scheduled for 13th September 2020, thus the student claimed that she would be losing an academic year in the process.

With the NMC/MCI mandating the qualification of NEET (UG) for the medical studies in India and abroad, the students for MBBS abroad had to qualify the exam in order to be eligible and pursue their medical studies.

Understanding the concerns of many such students, the Delhi High Court directed the NMC to grant a one-time exemption from the NEET 2020 Exam for the students seeking admission to MBBS Abroad.

4. Quashing clause 4 (3) of the Screening Test Regulations, 2002 of the MCI

Another example of the Indian Judiciary favouring the FMGS comes with the Honourable Supreme Court of India’s verdict on 30th January, 2018, which has quashed Clause 4(3) of the Screening Test Regulations, 2002 of the Medical Council of India (MCI), thus providing relaxation to Indian medical student studying abroad to take transfer migration to other universities/academies/institutions and still be eligible to write the screening test administered by now NMC.

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